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Cobb County Burn Ordinance

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2021 Graduation Banner
Posted on Mar 25th, 2021 Comments (0)
Princeton Lakes Residents:  If you have a 2021 high school or college graduate, please fill out the Google form HERE to be included on the neighborhood banner.  Email hoa@princetonlakes.net if you have any questions.  The deadline to fill out the form is Friday, April 9th.  
East Cobb Civic Association
Posted on Mar 18th, 2021 Comments (0)
Click HERE to read the minutes from the March 2021 East Cobb Civic Association meeting regarding news such as:
Outdoor Burn Ban
Local East Cobb Events
Cobb County Commission and Board Meeting Schedule
Email our Community Affairs Chairperson, Chris Ensley at communityaffairs@princetonlakes.net for more information.
2021 Annual HOA Meeting
Posted on Feb 10th, 2021 Comments (0)
Dear Princeton Lakes Residents, 
The Princeton Lakes HOA will have our annual meeting on Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.  
First, it’s been a pleasure serving on the board for the last four years.  With that said, Carolyn Cooper and I have completed our four-year term and will stepping off the board.  
  • Phil Laney has graciously volunteered to step into the President role.  
  • Steve Patrick will be moving from the Pool Chair position to Vice President.  
  • Katie Kincaid will be moving from the Social Chair position to Secretary.
We will not be able to meet at Princeton Lakes Clubhouse to take the required membership votes. Therefore, we will meet virtually via a Zoom meeting and Members will vote via a Google form (link below).
  • The 2022 PLHOA budget can be view here.
  • The 2020 PLHOA Annual meeting minutes can be view here
  • The Zoom meeting link is here.  The Meeting ID is 741 6726 1968 and the Passcode is PLHA2021
  • Please click here to to vote on the above. Also, if you have any questions please enter it question on the Google forms.  A Q/A session be held at the end of the annual meeting.  The link to vote will end on February 22, 2021.  
This is basically a rubber stamp of our HOA By-Laws to meet state regulations. We will not be voting on anything controversial. 
Jim Skinner
HOA President
Pool and Pig Roast Update from HOA President
Posted on Sep 3rd, 2020 Comments (0)
Pig Roast:
On August 31, 2020, the Governor extended emergency orders to expire on October 11, 2020.  This means that non-essential, non-profit organizations can not have gatherings of more than 50 people.  
Link to orders:  Governor Orders 
This is the 7th time the governor has extended the emergency orders. It looks like the orders are being extended about every 2 weeks.  In my personnel opinion: I don’t believe this will change until after the election, the kids go back to school, and we are able to attend sporting events.
The PLHOA Board has unanimously voted to tentatively reschedule the pig roast event to March of 2021.
We are planning on leaving to pool open a few weeks after Labor Day. Swim Atlanta will be able to provide life guards Saturday and Sunday. Monday through Friday will be Swim-at-your-own-risk. The pool close date is TBD. (Probably the 1st week in October depending on the weather).  Please remember that the pool closes at 8:30 pm.  
If you have any questions or concerns please give me a call or email
Pool Opening and Rules/Procedures!
Posted on May 18th, 2020 Comments (0)
Princeton Lakes Pool Will OPEN on Friday, May 22 at 11:00 a.m.! 
Due to the current Covid-19 situation, it will be necessary to establish additional pool rules to ensure the safety of all our members.  In order to adhere to the Georgia Department of Health (GDH) guidelines, we will be reducing the bathing load from 240 to 50.   
Members bring their own Pool Chairs. The PLHA pool chairs will be stored until it is safe to use. 
We will also be using a Pool reservation system.  Visit the reservation system by clicking this link:  Pool Reservation 2020
This system is not perfect and we ask for everyone’s patience and cooperation so that all members will be able to safely enjoy the pool.  Please only book one slot per day.  If a slot fills up, members will be wait listed. If you book and can not use your slot, please cancel.   These are unprecedented times and the Covid-19 situation is changing on an hourly basis. The PLHA Board will modify the following rules as the situation improves.   
Thank you for your patience, help and understanding.  Please let me know if there are any issues or concerns. 
Jim Skinner
Additional PLHA Pool Rules for the 2020 season:
  1. Members must bring their own Pool Chairs. (PLHA will not have to disinfect) 
  2. Pool capacity: Set bathing load to 50 people. (Prior bathing load was 240.)  When possible, we will monitor and increase bathing limit while still maintaining social distancing when possible. 
  3. Board members can waive any of these rules on an individual basis if there is an issue. 
  4. The Bathing Limit will be enforced. 
  5. Members must reserve a time slot and sign in at pool.  Reserve your pool time by clicking this link:  Pool Reservation 2020  
  6. Set blocks of time for members to use: 11:00-1:00,1:30-3:30, 4:00-6:00, 6:30-7:30 
  7. Members can only book one time slot per day.
  8. No Floats or Rafts .  Life jackets and water wings are allowed.
  9. No Guests.  Only Household Members of PLHA are allowed. 
  10. Cancel ALL TGIF events until GA enters phase 2 (groups of 50 can meet). 
  11. Cancel ALL PLCH Clubhouse Rentals until GA enters phase 2 (groups of 50 can meet).
  12. There will be NO lost and found.  Anything left at the end of slotted time will be discarded. 
Swim Team Season 2020 Announcements
Posted on May 9th, 2020 Comments (0)
Dear Neighbors, 
Unfortunately, Cobb County Swim League has decided to cancel the 2020 season.  I know this is going to disappoint so many of our children - mine included. Some people have asked if we could do a swim team within our own neighborhood - unfortunately, that probably isn’t an option either.   As of right now, the Princeton Lakes board is looking to Cobb County and Swim Atlanta for direction as to if, when and how to safely open the pool.  With so many unknowns these decisions could come down last minute making planning anything structured difficult.
Let's all keep our fingers crossed that the pool will be able to open and that our kids will enjoy a summer filled with unstructured swimming and splashing with friends and family:). Stay healthy!

COVID-19: Social Activities and Facilities
Posted on Mar 28th, 2020 Comments (0)
Neighborhood changes due to COVID-19:
  • The Board HIGHLY recommends that the neighborhood play-set NOT be used during the Cobb County Shelter in Place Order. 
  • The annual Princeton Lakes Easter Egg Hunt has been canceled due to Social Distancing and COVID-19. 
  • All clubhouse rentals will be canceled at least through April 15. That date will likely change.
  • The Tennis Seasons have been delayed.  Please practice Social Distancing when using the tennis courts.
  • Other planned social activities are subject to cancellation and/or delay depending on the COVID-19 situation. This includes the May 2nd Derby de Mayo party, School's Out Party, TGIFs, and the 4th of July celebration. Each event will be evaluated on a case by case basis depending on the social distancing guidelines that are in place at that time.
If any PLHOA member needs assistance during the Cobb County Shelter in Place order, please contact any Board Member.
Annual Meeting Clarification - Proposed Budget & Proxy Ballot
Posted on Mar 11th, 2020 Comments (0)
As you are aware, the annual meeting of the Princeton Lakes HOA is this Thursday, March 12th, 7:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse.  It has come to our attention that the budget for 2020 was not distributed to to the entire membership, for which we apologize.  If you did not receive it you can find the budget HERE and we look forward to seeing you all at the clubhouse for the meeting.  If you can not make the meeting, please send in your proxy, which you will find HERE as well.
We are looking forward to a great 2020!
Best regards,
The Princeton Lakes Board
HOA Newsletter - March 2020
Posted on Mar 10th, 2020 Comments (0)
Click HERE for the March 2020 HOA Newsletter with information about the Annual Meeting and upcoming HOA events! 
Urgent! Proxies Needed for HOA Meeting
Posted on Mar 10th, 2020 Comments (0)
It is imperative that we meet a quorum at our Annual HOA Meeting on Thursday, March 12, 2020. If you are unable to attend, please fill out the proxy found HERE and return it ASAP to either an HOA Board Member or to Alyssa at Riverside Property Management at alyssa@riversidepropertymgt.com. Email hoa@princetonlakes.net if you would like to give your proxy directly to an HOA Board Member.
As of Monday, March 9th, Riverside Property Management had only received 13 proxies and need 47!!
Thank you for your assistance in keeping our HOA running smoothly!
HOA Annual Meeting
Posted on Feb 24th, 2020 Comments (0)
Click HERE for Official Notice of the HOA Annual Meeting that was mailed to the HOA Members.  Please note that the meeting is Thursday, March 12, 2020, at the Princeton Lakes Clubhouse.  Sign-in will begin at 6:45 p.m. and the meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.  Please make sure to return your proxy by mail, fax, or email by March 11, 2020.  Proxies may also be given to another HOA member that will attend the meeting or to an HOA Board Member.  Click HERE to download the proxy.   
Swim Team Meeting Update
Posted on Feb 24th, 2020 Comments (0)
Please see message below from Gretchen Patrick regarding the Swim Team meeting and note the new date!  Please email her directly at greta767@gmail.com if you need to reply.
I apologize for the inconvenience, however,  I need to switch the swim team meeting date from Wednesday, February 26  to Thursday, February 27 at 7:00 p.m. (in the clubhouse).  I know this may affect some people - please reach out if you were planning to attend but cannot with the new date.
In the event you didn’t see the first email - there’s a meeting for anyone interested in volunteering for swim team on Thursday February 27 at 7:00 p.m. (in the clubhouse).
Thank you,
Swim Team Update
Posted on Feb 13th, 2020 Comments (0)
Please see message below from Gretchen Patrick regarding Swim Team. 
Hello Neighbors!

Good news!  The Princeton Lakes Swim team will survive another year!    We’ve had several people come forward to help with organizing our season and I can’t thank them enough. What I would like to do is have a meeting with everyone who reached out to me as well as any additional people interested in volunteering.  I figure if we get together then we can form pairings/ small groups and make the positions even easier.  

I know meetings are always hard with everyone’s schedules but if we could get together on Wednesday, Feb 26th @7pm in the clubhouse I will promise it to be the only meeting of the entire season!  Please let me know if you offered to volunteer but cannot attend.

Thank you,
Important Swim Team Announcement
Posted on Feb 6th, 2020 Comments (0)
Please see the important message below from Gretchen Patrick regarding the Princeton Lakes Swim Team.
Dear Neighbors,

Unfortunately, I had 0 people respond to my need for swim team volunteers.   What does this mean?  This means 100+ swimmers will be disappointed because the Princeton Lakes Swim team will fold for the 2020 season.  I have until Feb 12 to let the county know if we will be swimming this year. 

Call Gretchen if interested:  Gretchen  678-457-4048

Postiions needed: 
Co - coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Consessions (2 home meets)
Princeton Lakes Swim Team
Posted on Jan 27th, 2020 Comments (0)
Please see message below from Gretchen Patrick regarding the Princeton Lakes Swim Team.  Email her directly at princetonlakesswim@gmail.com for more information.
Dear Friends,
As 2020 gets underway it’s time to start thinking about the Princeton Lakes Piranhas - our summer swim team!   By now, most of you know that we are looking for a new group of volunteers to take us through this upcoming season.   Kendall Andrews (Co- coordinator and treasurer), Christy Jones (volunteer coordinator), Stacie Pester (concessions) and myself (Coordinator) are all retiring from our current roles for a variety of reasons (moving, jobs, etc).  Kendall, Christy and Stacie will all be permanently retiring…I am offering to stay on as a co-coordinator for transitional guidance and support - if and only if someone steps up to take the reigns. 
If you’re interested but need to further understand the commitment / volunteer requirements, we would love to sit down and explain them in detail!  Reach out 678-457-4048 or princetonlakesswim@gmail.com.
Also, we are looking for a new head swim coach.   Please pass this along to anyone you know who may fit the requirements below. 
Thank you, 
Gretchen Patrick
The Princeton Lakes neighborhood is looking for an enthusiastic and positive individual to coach their summer swim team!  
Applicant must be a great communicator, patient with swimmers of all levels and must understand the balance between winning and having fun!
Summer swim experience is preferred but not necessary.
Must be able to put together line ups and heat sheets.
Hours are generally M-F 8-11 (with one night for meets).  There is some flexibility to schedule. 
Competitive wage offered.
Making sure safety standards are followed in sessions 
Identifying participants’ abilities and encourage them to reach their full potential
Planning and delivering sessions appropriate to the level of swimmer
Explaining and demonstrating swimming techniques
Being a positive role model, creating a positive and fun environment in which to motivate and encourage children and teens to participate in swimming!
ECCA Newsletter
Posted on Jan 11th, 2020 Comments (0)
Click HERE to read the East Cobb Civic Association January 2020 report with news and events regarding East Cobb such as: 
  • Outdoor Burn Ban
  • DOT Public Forum
  • Prepping for Winter Weather
  • Local Cobb Events
  • Public Hearings on Amending Cobb County Code
Email our Community Affairs Chairperson, Chris Ensley at communityaffairs@princetonlakes.net for more information.
September Newsletter
Posted on Sep 16th, 2019 Comments (0)
Click HERE for the September 2019 HOA Newsletter with information regarding the Pig Roast, Book Club, Pool Closure, potential Garage Sale, and more! 
ECCA September Update
Posted on Sep 9th, 2019 Comments (0)
Click HERE to read the East Cobb Civic Association September 2018 report with news and events regarding East Cobb such as: 
Outdoor Burn Ban
Solicitor Regulations
AARP Smart Driving Course
Local East Cobb Events
Email our Community Affairs Chairperson, Chris Ensley at communityaffairs@princetonlakes.net for more information.
Pool Closing
Posted on Sep 9th, 2019 Comments (0)
The last day the Princeton Lakes pool will be open for the 2019 season is Sunday, September 15th. The pool will close to all swimmers on Monday, September 16th.
Pool Hours as of August 1, 2019
Posted on Aug 6th, 2019 Comments (0)
The Princeton Lakes Pool Hours as of August 1, 2019 are:
August 1st through Labor Day
Monday to Friday:  4:30 until 7:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday:  11:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.
Labor Day:  11:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.
2019 ALTA Spring Sunday Women B8 City Champions
Posted on May 20th, 2019 Comments (0)
Congratulations to one of our Princeton Lakes Sunday Women’s ALTA teams on winning the city championship on Sunday, May 19th! This is a true neighborhood team with over 20 PLHOA members on the roster led by team captain, Robin Maske.  Congrats to this awesome group of Princeton Lakes ladies for all their hard work, representing our community with pride, and for being the 2019 ALTA Spring Sunday Women B8 City Champions!
TGIF 2019 - Volunteers Needed!
Posted on Apr 29th, 2019 Comments (0)
Our Princeton Lakes tradition of summer TGIFs will be kicking off soon!  We are returning to our roots this summer and will have pizza available for $1 a slice, ask that each family bring an appetizer or dessert to share, and BYOB on Friday nights in June and July from 6:00-9:00 p.m.
We need families to volunteer to host a few of the TGIFs this summer!  Grab a friend/neighbor and volunteer to host one of our favorite neighborhood traditions!  Host families set up the food tables, fill the drink containers, order the pizza, and collect $1 a slice for the pizza.  We provide a detailed instruction sheet and support for anyone that needs it.   
Click HERE for the available dates.  Email social@princetonlakes.net with any questions! 
Graduation Banner
Posted on Apr 16th, 2019 Comments (0)
Have a 2019 Graduate? Click HERE and complete the form by Monday, April 22nd to be included on the Princeton Lakes Graduation Banner.
April 2019 Newsletter
Posted on Apr 7th, 2019 Comments (0)
Click HERE for our April 2019 HOA Newsletter with information about HOA Board updates, upcoming social events, East Cobb Community information, and more! 
ECCA Update
Posted on Apr 6th, 2019 Comments (0)
Click HERE for the minutes from the most recent East Cobb Civic Association meeting and HERE for Zoning requests.  
HOA Dues 2019
Posted on Mar 27th, 2019 Comments (0)
There was a mistake in the due date of the recent HOA invoices sent from Riverside Management to all of our resident members.  The 2019 HOA Dues are due to Riverside Management by April 25, 2019.  
Also, Riverside Management does not send an invoice to non-resident members of the HOA.  If you would like to renew your membership, please contact Riverside Management at ashley@riversidepropertymgt.com to renew your membership for this year.
Notice Regarding Proposed Legislation
Posted on Mar 4th, 2019 Comments (0)
From the ECCA:  
It is not often that the East Cobb Civic Association issues a legislative alert.  However, companion bills currently making their way through the Georgia General Assembly need the attention of every citizen who believes in local control of zoning and land use in their community.  Please take a moment to read through this and take action.  You CAN make a difference.  

House Bill 302 and Senate Bill 172 are virtually identical.  These bills will strip away the authority for city and county governments to regulate single and two-family homes built in their communities.  Under the terms of these Bills, the regulatory authority for the construction, placement, and size of these homes would be taken over by the state.  
Should this legislation pass, it would strip all local governments in the state of any say in the regulation of single and two-family homes constructed in local neighborhoods.  Its passage would also mean that local citizens would no longer have a voice in those decisions.  
At its meeting on Tuesday, February 26, the Cobb County Commission voted unanimously to oppose these bills.  Other local government bodies are starting to go on the record opposing them as well. 
At the regular meeting of the ECCA on Wednesday, February 27, the members went on the record supporting the position of the Cobb County Commissioners.  The members also asked that its individual and subdivision members express their opposition to this move by the state by contacting their state representative and senator - or better yet, the entire Cobb delegation - and telling them that they oppose passage of HB 302 and SB 172.  
To view the bills, you can go to the Georgia General Assembly hom page and search for SB 172 and/or HB 302.  
Don't know what district you're in?  Go to www.openstates.org, click the "Find Your Legislator" tab and search with our address. 
Finally, want to know how to contact your legislator?  Go online to the ECCA website and view the Cobb County Legislative Delegation listing, which can be found under Resources/State of Georgia.  Find your legislators, and let them know that House Bill 302 and Senate Bill 172 should not pass. 
Thank you for taking the time to help with this important effort. 
Linda Carver, President
East Cobb Civic Association
**Note from HOA Board:  Representatives for Princeton Lakes are State Senator Kay Kirkpatrick  (kay.kirkpatrick@senate.ga.gov) and House Representative Matt Dollar (matt.dollar@house.ga.gov)
ECCA December Newsletter
Posted on Dec 3rd, 2018 Comments (0)
Click HERE to read the East Cobb Civic Association December 2018 report with news and events regarding East Cobb such as: 
  • County Closing Dates during the Holidays
  • Emergency Information Notification Program
  • Christmas Tree Recycling
Email our Community Affairs Chairperson, Lisa Kaht at communityaffairs@princetonlakes.net for more information.
December HOA Newsletter
Posted on Dec 1st, 2018 Comments (0)
Please click HERE for the December HOA newsletter with information about December Social Events, HOA Board openings, ECCA community information, and tennis information. 
ECCA November Update
Posted on Nov 28th, 2018 Comments (0)
Click HERE to read the East Cobb Civic Association November 2018 report with news and events regarding East Cobb such as: 
  • ECCA 2019 Board of Directors Election Ballots - including our Princeton Lakes Resident, Gus Makris!
  • Outdoor Burning Now Permitted Following County Guidelines
  • New Library Operating Hours
Email our Community Affairs Chairperson, Lisa Kaht at communityaffairs@princetonlakes.net for more information.
September HOA Newsletter
Posted on Sep 4th, 2018 Comments (0)
Please click HERE for our September HOA Newsletter including information about the Community Yard Sale, the Annual Pig Roast, Baby and Pet Sitting Services, Tennis Fall League, and the East Cobber Parade.
ECCA Update
Posted on Sep 1st, 2018 Comments (0)
Click HERE to read the East Cobb Civic Association September 2018 report with news and events regarding East Cobb such as: 
Cobb County Burn Ban
East Cobber Parade
Voter Registration Deadline
Email our Community Affairs Chairperson, Lisa Kaht at communityaffairs@princetonlakes.net for more information.

ECCA Update
Posted on Aug 2nd, 2018 Comments (0)
Click HERE to read the East Cobb Civic Association May 2018 report with news and events regarding East Cobb such as: 
Cobb County Burn Ban
Distracted Driving Law
East Cobber Parade
Back to the Chatt Festival - this weekend!
Email our Community Affairs Chairperson, Lisa Kaht at communityaffairs@princetonlakes.net for more information.

June 2018 Newsletter
Posted on May 31st, 2018 Comments (0)
Click HERE for the June 2018 HOA Newsletter with information about the pool, swim team, the summer social calendar, and news from the East Cobb Civic Association.  
East Cobb Civic Association Update - May 2018
Posted on May 30th, 2018 Comments (0)
Click HERE to read the East Cobb Civic Association May 2018 report with news and events around East Cobb such as: 
  • Cobb County Burn Ban
  • Advance Voting Information
  • Glover Park Concer Series
  • Budget and Millage Town Hall Meetings
At the May 30th meeting of the ECCA, information was given about the new Northwest Corridor Express Lanes and the new Distracted Driving Law. Click the links below to see details. 
There is talk of a new Kroger Gas station across from East Lake. If you would like any to add any input to the JOSH (Johnson Ferry / Shallowford) corridor, feel free to fill out the survey below. While the project is north of Princeton Lakes, the traffic will flow south towards our neighborhood. 
Email our Community Affairs Chairperson, Lisa Kaht at communityaffairs@princetonlakes.net for more information.

April/May HOA Newsletter
Posted on Apr 26th, 2018 Comments (0)
Click HERE for the April/May Princeton Lakes Newsletter featuring this month's business - Mary Margaret Turner, Realtor with Dorsey Alston Realtors.  Mary Margaret Turner has been a Princeton Lakes resident since 2009 - nobody knows the neighborhood like a neighbor!  
March Newsletter
Posted on Mar 20th, 2018 Comments (0)
Click HERE for the March Princeton Lakes HOA Newsletter.  
February HOA Newsletter
Posted on Feb 17th, 2018 Comments (0)
Click HERE for the February 2018 HOA Newsletter featuring local restaurants, Moxie Burger and La Novia Taqueria. One of our newest residents, Jordan Pearl is the Managing Partner of the restaurants. 
Thank you to Jordan for the exclusive Princeton Lakes resident special discounts featured in the newsletter!
Cobb County Outdoor Burn Guidelines
Posted on Oct 9th, 2017 Comments (0)
Please make yourself aware of the Cobb County Outdoor Burn Guidelines by clicking HERE.  
PLHOA Website Accounts
Posted on Oct 1st, 2014 Comments (0)
Please note:  We are set up to have 1 web login account per family at this time.  This helps to keep our membership database clean in support of PLHOA business and voting.
PENS Program - Area Police Activity
Posted on Oct 17th, 2013 Comments (0)
The Cobb County Police Department has a  program where residents can sign-up to receive email alerts about pertinent police activity in the area (local crime trends, crime prevention info etc).  
For info or to register for the PENS program click here